Goodview Launched 3rd Generation Interactive Whiteboard

Goodview Electronics, 7/26/2017

The huge demand of integrated communication equipment in business organizations is emerging, thus Goodview electronics     announced a new generation of interactive whiteboard: PlusPad 3  .

PlusPad 3 contains advanced features like 4K UHD display, WIFI Projection, Cross Platform Document Sharing and 10 Touch   Points. It also supports various remote meeting software and abundant office application software. Communication efficiency     would be greatly enhanced in industries such as Finance, High Tech, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Consultancy and etc.


Integrated Pen with Remote Control

Zoom-in and Zoom-out with Gestures

Fluent Handwriting Experience

Cross Platform Sharing Documents

Joint Operations Supported

QR Code Save Documents

 Erasing Recognition with Two Fingers

Real-time Diagrams Presentation