Shanghai Goodview Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (SGE) will inspect and diagnose the reported    fault with any Products submitted by honorable customers and issue a quotation for repairs              including any required hardware, software upgrades and any other deficiencies of the Products.

Goodview After-sales Service Policy

General Processing Procedure of After-sales Service:

1. SGE offers every client a spare parts quota which is based on total order value. Additionally, we will enclose extra Maintenance Packages with every batch of products when they were       shipping to the clients from SGE Manufacturing Center.
The quantity of Maintenance Package is accumulated added in the following chart:

2. DOA time is counted from delivery date, and the duration is 6 months. If the DOA event     was reported after the time limit, an assessment shall be made on specific situations. 

3. Every reported DOA event will be recorded with a unique case ID in After-sales Center of     SGE, which can be used in tracking the progress of event processing. Honorable clients can     check with SGE Technical Support Executive by referring to their case ID.

4. DOA being reported must be outlined with series number and relevant evidence. After         inspection and diagnosis being made by SGE, the required parts will be sent to the applicants and the value will not be counted in original Maintenance Quota.

5. Every reported after-sales case will be processed within 7 working days.

6. Any specially agreed situations according to statements in contracts of specific Projects will be reported and conducted accordingly.

Contacting Us:
If there are any questions regarding this After-sales Service Policy, you may contact us             using the information below.
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