By Initiative, Innovation and Insistence


Shanghai Goodview Electronics was founded in 2005 with 30 million registered capital. By the end of 2015, our net asset is close to 90 million with more than 40 patents and more than 30 product certificates, meanwhile, we employ more than 450 staffs. Among these talents, we have more than 100 qualified software and hardware     engineers. 

For more than a decade, we has been dedicated to commercial display technology to lighten the world in a     more colorful and attractive way. Starting from Shanghai , Goodview now made its presence in more than 30   countries around the world and become a dominating player in digital signage, interactive whiteboard,             surveillance monitor , touch signage and video wall sectors.

Innovation is the key in our gene. With three R&D centers and 11-acre manufacturing facility, Goodview is       keeping on providing the market with state of the art products and turnkey solutions to satisfy more than        10,000  clients from different industries around the world, More than 1 million display devices have been         deployed in  shopping malls, office buildings, airports, train stations, universities, hospitals, libraries, churches
and etc.

Collaboration with partners around the world is an approach that we apply to provide better service to global  customers. Nevertheless, we welcome any company with passion for digital solution to work with us.  Due to   our prestigious reputation in commercial display industry, Philips appointed us as exclusive partner of its         Commercial Display in Great China. With our mission in mind, we strive to help the world to view a better         future.

Why We Are Different.

● Commitment to quality, reliability and innovation.

● Focused on commercial grade products, purpose built, hardened for various application scenario and made   to last for extended lifecycles.

● A technology leader and original inventor of the commercial display industry.

● Superior image quality.

● Large enough to have global reach and scale, small enough to work hand-in-hand to help you accomplish    your goal.

● Customer-centric, hands-on support with direct access to engineers, developers and executives.

● Easy to install, easy to use and easy to support.