" L'Oréal Group has always pursued integrating innovative factors in offline stores, which includes the latest technology and products.   The cutting edge digital decorating solutions provided by Goodview has created brand new visual experience for every customer of         L'Oréal. "

                                                                                                                  ——The Operational Director of L'Oréal Great China District.
The mobile internet has changed the expectations of the youth customers, which have been spoiled for being offered various choices on purchasing channel and fascinating interactive services in retail industry. The changing expectations requires modifications of L'Oréal’s   in-store layout to keep the customers’ eyes on their long lasting brand.

Thus they chose Goodview’s Video Wall + Digital Signage Digital Decorating Solution to catch the attention of customers. The Goodview Video Wall covered all the in-store walls of Lancôme Paris, which is one of the cosmetic brands owned by L'Oréal Group. Thus the       Operational Director could control all the image customer perceived both potentially and consciously. Moreover, the contents could also be managed centrally at the Media Center of L'Oréal Group. Their marketing staff could forget the poster prints and lighting box forever as the video wall decoration was rolled out in Great China District.

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The Goodview Video Wall, the latest creative design of L'Oréal Group (China), is consisted of 69 pieces of Goodview 55-inch LCD Ultra Narrow Bezel Screen. The impressive image presented inside their stores is everything for their direct brand image, and they make it       awesome.
Here are the brands owned by L'Oréal Group using Goodview Digital Display Solutions: