Professional Monitor

  • 打造一流的响应式网站

  • 打造一流的响应式网站

  • 打造一流的响应式网站

  • 打造一流的响应式网站

Smart Colour Management

Smart Power Supply

Central Control System

Automatic Tiled Display

Narrow Bezel

180° Full-view

Full HD 1080P

24/7 Play

Smart ID Assigning

Temperature Control 

 Goodview HD multimedia surveillance monitor is well designed with full metal housing (Model No:  M**SDP). Commercial signs are simply one of the most effective and powerful way to send different  kinds of information to your audiences and achieve better interactive experience. These professional  displays feature decent blank, LG IPS high luminance panel and professional DCPI color adjustment    technology. This model reveals colors precisely and vividly. It is a simple, powerful and professional    digital display. It's widely used in commercial circumstance like fast-food store, ticket room,                school, airport, hotel, stock exchange, movie theater, corporate, expo, supermarket and so on. Apart  from these, it's mainly used as surveillance monitor and security camera monitor.

With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, Goodview has been well-known as one of the   best manufacturers and supplies of full metal unibody digital media signage and sign boards which is of stylish design, reliable performance and premium quality. We welcome any companies having       preference for the product to work with us.